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Stress Can Affect Our Bodies And Our Health

Regular massages has been shown to help the body combat the negative consequences of stress. Enjoy some intentional time for yourself while you boost your immune system and improve your sleep…you’re worth it!

Pain Doesn’t Have To Be A Normal Way Of Life

Your body knows how to let go of the held tensions and traumas that create pain and limited mobility, create the space to tap into this fountain of Health by booking a session today!

You can now receive a massage from Gayle Morrell at Spa Magnolia



Relaxation Massage

A relaxing and holistic massage that uses hydrotherapy and Swedish techniques to create a healing and embodied experience.

60 min $85
90 min $115

Therapeutic Massage

Uses a variety of techniques and an orthopedic assessment to discover and treat contributing factors to your pain and discomfort.

60 min $85
90 min $115


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a safe and effective way to release trauma, tensions and held charges.

60 min $85
90 min $115

Who Am I?

Gayle’s experience has shown her that the body’s ability to heal can best be accessed when the therapist is fully present while using a listening, intuitive and skillful touch. With sensitivity, knowledge of the body, and years of experience, Gayle works to create the optimal space for every age and walk of life to connect to their inherent blueprint of Health, and thereby release held traumas, charges and tensions.


What my Clients Have to Say

“Thank you for a truly wonderful massage. I have had many in my life, and you have a special gift. Many masseurs just ‘do it to you’, but somehow you manage to create a participation of two people and made it easy for me to surrender completely and really get the most out of the treatment. One of the problems with the drugs is lymph not flowing, hence the puffyness in the body, but I could literally feel the lymph flowing, and energy moving again in my body as you worked. Such a treat – hope to see you again when we visit next year, I will book you well in advance!” Kayla Justice
“When I first started seeing Gayle for biodynamic craniosacral therapy, the tendinitis in my wrists was so inflamed that I could not open jars, lift a dinner plate, or even turn a door handle without a lot of pain and weakness. At first I was surprised by the stillness with which she practices, but Gayle’s wonderful ability to guide me into a deep, yet present meditation opened up my understanding to the world of subtle and very potent healing that happens within our bodies. Her keen ability to “see” and be present with what is happening within the body invites incredible healing to take place, both on the table, and continuing, sometimes for days after a treatment. Within a few sessions, my wrists felt strong, connected, and pain free! When the tendinitis returned months later, it only took one session with Gayle for my wrist to ‘remember’ the previous treatments and easily return to strength and health.” Hanna Munneke
“After the first treatment I felt a new energy and further treatments brought both relief from pain and muscle tightness. My sciatic pain has diminished to a very low level and is not so susceptible to aggravation with lifting. This past month has been a good test and I seem to feel better with each new day. Without the pain, my attitude has improved and my over all well being is improving with the knowledge that I can move forward with my projects and my life. This has to date, been quite a significant change and I am looking forward to greater benefits with more sessions.” Keith Stibbards


Health Benefits

Aids Immune System Function  

Relieves Headaches 

Increases Body Awareness 

Supports Your Total Health 

  Helps To Balance The Nervous System

  Improves Sleep

  Pain Relief

  Soothes Anxiety and Depression

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Manage stress, release pain and increase wellness and relaxation.